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Adventure Dog backpack knitting pattern (fo’ free!)

There are only three instances in which dog clothing is appropriate:




I guess none of these are actually clothes, but that just goes to show that even when I’m wrong, I’m right! Or something. 

We have a couple outdoorsy trips over the next few weekends and Cesar Millan says that having a job like carrying a backpack makes dogs feel important. He might just be trying to sell something, but even if he is, I’ve beat the Latino St. Francis at his own game! MWAHA. 

This backpack is built for a medium-sized, 25-pound dog. I think you could mod it for small dog by only casting on 34 stitches and for a large dog by casting on 54 (or making two and making them saddle-style on either side of the ribs). I realized the hard way (a neighbor’s furrowing face while watching Penny try to balance floppy sagging sack) that this design needs one more piece to hold the bottom closer to the body. But this is Mother’s Day which means I’m three drinks in to Game of Thrones and don’t have time for that. Go now, comrades. Make this thizz-ang! It goes quickly. You’re almost done already! 

Just kidding, you’ve barely begun.


US size 10 needles

One skein worsted weight yarn (I used a blend of 85% wool, 15% mohair but it is frikin’ HOT so use cotton yarn unless you’re going to felt this)

Yarn needle

Three buttons (2 small, 1 large)

Dog harness with rings over both shoulders



CO 44

Knit in stockinette for 7 inches, ending on a knit row.

Bind off all but one, turn the work, and pick up and knit 43 (this makes a defined edge but saves the time of having to sew pieces together).


Knit in stockinette for 2 inches, ending on a knit row.

Bind off all but one, turn the work, and pick up and knit 43 


Knit in stockinette for 7 inches, ending on a knit row.

Bind off all but one, turn the work, and pick up and knit 43.


Knit in stockinette for 2.25 inches. 

Decrease over 12 rows. Knit rows: Psso twice, knit to last four stitches, k2tog twice. Purl rows: purl straight across. 

Row 13: Psso twice, knit to middle stitch, bind off 1, knit to last four stitches, k2tog twice.

Row 14: Purl to bound off stitch, YO, purl to end of row.

Continue decrease pattern until only 8 stitches remain. Bind off.


Pick up and knit 9 stitches along both sides of the bottom. 

Knit 7 inches to match the front and back pieces. 

STRAPS (make two)

CO 3.

Knit in garter stitch for 2 inches.

Knit 1, YO, k2tog,

Knit two more rows. 

Bind off. 

Fold the strap in half and sew a small button the edge opposite the hole. Make sure the button will line up with the hole once looped through the rings on the harness.


Block the whole thingamuhthingy so that everything lays out nicely for the finishing. With a mattress seam, sew the sides to the adjacent edges on the front and back pieces. Measure the backpack to the harness as it would fit on your dog, taking note of where the straps should be affixed to line up with the harness rings. Sew them securely to the back of the bag. Fold over the flap, sew the large button where it matches up on the front piece. 

As mentioned, I need to make one more strap that keeps the bottom of the bag from sagging to one side or flopping around while she’s on an adventure. I’ll knit two stockinette pieces, 7 stitches wide, that meet under her ribs at a buckle that will snap together for easy on and off. Saying I’ll knit something is a lot easier than actually doing it, but it’s the thought that counts (something I love to remind my mom on Mother’s Day).

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